Teheila & Dominic

Left Trinidad somewhere after 12am to head to the sister isle to capture the Grimshaw’s in all of their love and glory. Mind you, hours before, we were somewhere in the south land for another wedding so sleep was scarce. But here’s the highlights in point form, or this’ll turn into a short story….

  1. Bridesmaids playing UNO isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. All friendships stayed intact!

  2. My second shooter forgot a bottle of ponche de creme in Tobago…… #ManySads

  3. The Groom took a little tumble off his bike on the way to the wedding. He was okay though!

  4. The planner! She coordinated from a distance, helped up front when needed, prayed, adjusted timelines…..everything! 5 stars!!

    5. The tear jerking reunion with Dom & his daughter!

    6. Perfect weather all day!

    7. The pothound that let us know it was his beach and he goes where he pleases….