Khadija & Jerieme

I actually related to one of the things my bride couldn’t help. At one point during the reception, I had to ask, Khadija, somebody get you vex?? To which she replied, ‘no…that’s what my face is always like’, she then broke into a huge smile, then disappeared into the crowd to look for Jerie. I realized then that I mostly smile only when it’s pointed out ^_^’

I should also point out that her bridesmaids were awesome! I had to capture the best side of one of the ladies (I’m sure you’d know which one), the flower girl was the most diligent little lass ever. She made sure that there were flowers all the way down the aisle…even after Jerie took Khadija’s hand at the top of the alter. Also, one of the things that really took me by surprise was the Arome candle they had lit at the entrance, in memory of some family members.

WeddingKyle Archibald