Sache & Cassell

If not one of, this was my most enjoyed wedding last year. The dresses, the suits, the bridal party? Everything was on point! Sache’s dress was a creation of Rhion Romany while Cassell’s suit was made by DAWW Creations. Emotions ran high at the wedding ceremony where there were some tears, but those were heavily outweighed by the laughs & smiles.

Ever been to a wedding where it feels like everyone there could sing, except you? This was exactly how I felt for awhile while the new couple sang & danced their way in to Cassell’s hit tune ‘Lifted’. Their beautiful reception was held at Drew Manor, and included performances from the talented Rembunction & Sekonsta.

P.s, their cake was created by the talented Cheyenne! (I’ve been looking forward to bouncing up one of her creations for awhile)