Engagement/Couples Session

90 MINUTES $1,000 TTD

5400 seconds of me, third wheeling with you guys, silently snapping photos of you in all of your unsuspecting bliss. I’ll give a few pointers here or there, but there’ll hardly be any posing.


Wedding Photography


All of my weddings begin with the preparation of the bride. The groom maybe, if he’s game for photos that is. Then we’re off to the wedding. My photo-journalistic style of shooting is 90% ‘where’s Kyle? Did he get that shot?’ and 9% me shuffling family members for the portrait session, 1% advising on the cake cutting.


Family Session

90 MINUTES $1,500 ttd

Family, couples, birthdays, anniversaries, kids sessions.....the answer’s yes. The prices may differ according to the services you request, but I’ve got you covered.


Brand Sessions & Corporate Coverage


Expos, corporate event coverage, business portrait sessions etc. Shoot me a message, and I can provide you with a quote for your session. Just starting your business? I’ve got specials just for you!


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